You will want to borrow the corner of this nap for your own house

Every inch of this New York apartment is infused with color and personality

For two years, the four-person family was a three bedroom in historic Gramercy Park, using a card table as a dining table. “They noticed that at that point they needed expert assistance,” says Starrett Ringbom, a designer contacted by the couple, laughs. “They are those who have their style and hobbies, some classic preppy style,” she explains.

“They knew what they liked, they knew what they thought they wanted to achieve, they do not seem to be in your parents’ apartment.

Her husband, the founder of New Yorker, is now an Italian restaurant in Upper East Side, famous for its masterpiece of red sauce, a shuttered Italian restaurant, and to the Gino’s where Scalamandré’s iconic Zebra print wallpaper scattered in the dining room It has grown. Wall He chose a total of 6 foam core mood boards, one for each room by the first meeting with Starlet, and chose zebra from among them.

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