The 3 Best Ways to Make Even a Small Room Feel Like a Luxury Suite

Using some simple tricks, designer Eddie Ross changed his 19 ‘x 12’ bedroom in Pennsylvania ‘s house 100 years ago into a full – fledged hideout. The right table lamp (or two) is an essential item of the night table

When people refurbish old houses, they mostly start by defeating a few second – floor walls to make a huge master suite. Not in Edgewood Hall: for us the master bedroom of the house’s original (and modest standards of modern standards) was far more attractive than the vast space.

Bring In Vintage Charm

We wanted the appearance of Turkish kilm, but we could not find enough big one. Our solution: side by side Layer 3. A decorative, shiny, white paint that reflects light has become the background of a colorful combination of old and new items that seem to go around the world.

Set The Mood

I can not say enough for it: the lamp should always be on the dimmer! Plug-in dimmers can be installed very easily, and being able to fine-tune the lighting level of your bedroom (or indeed any room) creates a world of differences.

Make it (Re)Work

A real show stopper? Four-poster bed wrapped in Palecek rope. A bedcloth made of curtains of vintage Chinz which was decorated in the old dining room. Let’s talk about up cycle!

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