How to Turn Wallpaper Roll into Wall of Gallery

Have you ever loved so many patterns that you can not really endure to use it? Designers Richard Ouretto and architect Maxim Vandal’s solution from inside the Montreal house is decorated with white walls and flooring with art. Jump out from every surface: Instead of committing to the work of the upholstery, or instead of wallpapering it throughout the room, assemble your favorite print series.

“I thought that I wanted the guest’s bedroom to be warm and attractive, but since I felt that the wallpaper would break apart from the rest of the house, I did not want to make wallpaper around. But when they picked lush fabric for the room from the Les Ensembliers collection for Brunschwig & Fils – Teale’s Les Palmiers for drape, dark green velvet La Panthere for bed frame, and The A colorful rug called Peacock – a combination reminded Richard of his favorite wallpaper. In a previous project, he used Zoffany ‘s Wray print. This seemed like a shadowed mountain range retreats in the distance and could not stop thinking about it.

So he bought two volumes of paper and brought them directly to the framer with the idea of ​​turning the prints into a wall of a continuous gallery. “I wanted to make it feel like a wall-to-wall wallpaper, but at the same time it wanted me to feel it was a compound,” he explains. “If you decide not to put a wallpaper in that room and decide in two years, you can move on them and do something else, it’s a good investment.” The part of the frame is not covered with glass So the texture of the paper wallpaper adds its warmth to the walls of the room.

If you are going to do the same thing, Richard strongly urges you to increase the work of the professional work framework so that it does not seem too simple. (Since you only purchase 1 or 2 volumes of wallpaper, it probably will not fill the entire room without walls.) Bonus: You will be able to examine the framer as to which part of the printed matter will look best. Inheritance. Just by measuring the size of the room before going out, you can see how big it is to accommodate the various frames between the window and the furniture.

“I love the idea of ​​an old Victorian room, remember those wonderful private rooms that had multiples of so many people’s old frames, old landscapes, amazing frames around,” Richard say. “It’s cozy, multilayered and old English approach, but it is also contemporary.”

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